White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to impress your friends and make the game funnier and more exciting. Although White Elephant gifts are usually cheap, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t serve a purpose, while at the same time putting a smile on everyone’s face.

If you want to outshine everybody at the holiday gift swap, make sure to bring a weird and wacky gift that will not remain unnoticed.

The ideal present depends on a number of factors, but you simply can’t go wrong with these perfectly unique gag gifts. And the best part? They’re all under $20!

Redneck Wine Glass

This novelty glass makes a great gag gift (or a serious gift, you decide) for your friends and family members who enjoy their wine but hate feeling like snobs. It is also perfect for those who every now and then like to feel like rednecks. This fun glass basically consists of a Mason jar on top of a stem, because you know how rednecks love drinking everything out of jars! The glass comes with a lid, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your wine or whatever other beverage you decide to drink out of it. The RedNek Wine Glass is fun and brings life to any party!

Gin And Titonic Ice Tray

A perfect gift for friends who love gin and tonic and who love puns too! This ice tray includes molds for four little icebergs and four little ships shaped just like the unfortunate Titanic. The icebergs float around your drink and the ships sink slightly, just like Titanic did on that fatal night. It may be dark humor, but it is so much fun to watch the little Titanic ice cubes crash into icebergs in your drink and eventually melt and disappear. This ice tray is a terrific ice-breaker (excuse the pun!) so it is ideal for parties at your home or office.

Splash Chopping Board

Looking for something to brighten up your kitchen? This chopping board will definitely turn some heads at your next dinner party and it will bring laughter and jokes to your cooking sessions. This surface saver looks like something bright red, such as tomato juice or maybe blood, was spilled all over your counter top and it is dripping on the floor. The drip is detachable in case you want to use this board just for chopping and other serious business. It is sturdy and dishwasher safe, and once the drip is removed it is convenient for storage.

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

Perfect gift for your friends and family members who love Nicolas Cage. This pillowcase features the famous Hollywood movie star just looking charming as always. What better way to cheer up an old sofa than putting a Nic Cage’s face on it? With this pillowcase, you’ll never be alone. Nicolas Cage will always be there to welcome you after a long day at the office. It is also a very funny gag gift, especially if the recipient actually hates Nicolas Cage! The pillowcase is 20”x30” and is made of a 50-50 polyester and cotton blend. It has an opening on the side instead of buttons, so it’s great for pillow fights too!

Pet Rock

Remember this classic ‘70s gag gift? Pet Rock is an ideal gift for friends who always say they would love to have a pet but have no time or means to take care of it. A Pet Rock doesn’t require any food, water or even air. It doesn’t need bathing or grooming and you never have to take it out for a walk, unless, of course, you want to. The Pet Rock comes in a box that serves as a carrier and it also comes with a tiny bed for the rock and a string leash in case you decide to take it for a nice stroll. The Instruction Booklet contains all the info you need about the Pet Rock.

Sandwich Coasters

Everyone needs coasters, right? So, why not make them Sandwich Coasters then, instead of boring regular ones everyone has. These fun coasters come in nine different shapes per set, each designed to look exactly like an essential sandwich ingredient. There is the bread, the lettuce, some deli meats, cheese, onions and tomato. These coasters make a great gift for just about everyone. The only problem is that they are so realistic they might make you want to have a sandwich instead of a drink! They are made of heavy-duty paper and measure from 3.5”x 3.5” to 4”x 4”.

Organic Dehydrated Water

A perfect gift for those who have at all and for those who are always so careful about what they eat and drink. The can contains 100% pure, organic dehydrated water and is gluten-free, fat-free, sodium-free, sugar-free, MSG-free and has zero calories. It is odorless, tasteless and colorless and has no weight. The Organic Dehydrated Water is a great gift for your Breatharian friends and for those who are on a specific diet. Also a fun little tease for those friends who tend to be a little too careful about their diet and their health.

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

A great gift for coworkers and friends who work in an office. We all get sick and tired of crumbs and dust on our desk every now and then. This tiny little vacuum takes care of that and leaves your desk nice and clean, and fits easily on any shelf or drawer. It is shaped like a little Zamboni machine, complete with snow dump, a steering wheel and a brush. This fun little vacuum cleaner is a great gift for your hockey-loving friends and family members who always dreamed of driving a Zamboni. It is very light and easy to use and runs on batteries.

Gnome on a Throne

Everybody loves gnomes. These little fellas are a great addition to any home or garden, and they say they bring good luck too. This particular gnome comes with a “throne,” which is, actually, a toilet seat. Gnomes need to go too, and this funny gift will serve as a reminder that we are all alike, and we all have the same needs. The Gnome on a throne is 9 and ½ inches tall and it is made of waterproof resin, in case you keep it in your bathroom and accidentally drop it in your toilet! It is a great gag gift for your gnome-loving friends.

The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart

You know that some days in the office are rougher than the others and that while on Monday you may feel like dying, on Wednesday you might feel like partying. The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart is a convenient way to convey your current mood. It contains 47 different moods illustrated by a smiley, a humorous yet snarky definition and even some sample sentences. It is a funny little thing to have in your office, since it is basically an offline social networking gadget. It will brighten your desk or cubicle and make a terrific gift for your coworkers or even your boss.

Road Rage Megaphone

Ideal gift for friends and family members who tend to get a little nervous while driving. Instead of them yelling and cursing at the other drivers, this toy does it for them! It has an array of messages that an angry driver would want to shout through his car window, it is loud enough and you can choose between a censored or an uncensored version, in case there are children around. It is very simple to use – you just push the button and let this delightfully vulgar megaphone do the work for you. This is something that every car should have!


The Shittens disposable mitten-shaped moist wipes are a lifesaver, especially for people who tend to get a bit messy in the bathroom. Shittens are not just a gag gift, they are actually useful! Their main purpose is to help you wipe after number two without any risk of getting the nasty stuff on your hands, which is, of course, immensely useful. This is a great gift for people obsessed with hygiene who never feel clean enough. These wipes are eco-friendly, FDA-approved and safe for babies. The package is re-sealable and contains 20 Shittens.

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Bottle stopper come in different shapes and forms but this little guy takes the cake. This high quality product is not only useful for plugging the wine bottle but it is also cheeky and fun, which makes it a great gift. It’s “penis” fits perfectly the neck of any wine bottle and thanks to two rings on it keeps it tightly closed and safe from spilling. This naughty adult kitchen gadget can be placed upright on a shelf or on a rail, so it can serve as a fun display piece when it is not used on bottles. It is a great gift for girls, especially for bridal showers and similar events.


This is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves pulling pranks on others and you want them to finally get a taste of their own medicine. On the outside, it looks like a packaging for a gadget that serves as an extra arm – a forearm mount that supposedly holds your gadgets, tablets, phone, remotes and what not for you. However, the box is actually empty and serves as a gift box. Put your real present inside, sit back and enjoy watching the expressions on the recipients face going from delighted, puzzled, angry to delighted!

Instant underpants

Ideal for friends who, for some reason, often end up with no underwear or, what is even more inconvenient and embarrassing, with wet or soiled underwear. The Archie McPhee Instant Underpants are conveniently compressed into a pellet and packaged in a small round tin that fits in any purse or pocket. Interestingly, they need water in order to work properly – you need to soak them in some water for a second so that the pellet loosens and you can pull the underwear out. They fit most children and small adults and they are unisex and disposable.

Sarcastic Ball

Great gift for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family members, and an even better one for those prone to biting or sarcastic comments. The Sarcastic Ball by Accoutrements is similar to the old school answering balls. It answers your question, but in a sarcastic way, sayting things like “Yeah, right,” “In your dreams,” “Like I care,” “Oh please” and similar. In fact, it has over 20 cynical responses to whatever yes-or-no question you might have. You just need to ask the question, shake the ball and wait for the sarcastic comments.

Freeloader Fork

This extendable fork is designed to help you take a little bite from other plates at the table, not just yours. It is a gag gift but it can be used seriously, if you are the kind of person who always looks wistfully into other people’s plates at dinners and parties. The fork measures 9 ½ inch and extends all the way to 21 inches. This means that with this brilliant fork you can reach even the farthest plate at the table! It is made of stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe and, when closed, can fit in your purse so you can take it to the restaurant with you!

Fundies – Undies for Two

This is a great anniversary, wedding or Valentine’s Day gift either for your significant other or for your married friends and relatives. It is funny but also sexy and romantic. It is basically one piece of underwear with four leg holes – two per person. There is nothing between them so wearing it gets both fun and sexy. However, half the fun is getting into the Fundies! It might take some time and practice but it will also bring loads of laughter, just like trying to move around in them or even get out of them. The Fundies fit most sizes and are for adults only.

Cooking Guide Apron

This apron makes a great present for friends who love cooking but also for those who are just venturing into the culinary world and are having a hard time getting around. It contains loads of useful info, such as boiling, roasting and frying times, how to freeze different foods, how much rice or pasta you need per person, numeric conversions, a glossary, how to know if a steak is cooked and similar. Everything is written upside down so you can read it while wearing your apron. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty – it’s an apron!

Birthday Decision Dice

Fun and playful birthday gift, ideal for your younger friends. It is a pair of dice, each with six different instructions on them. The first die “tells” you what to do, for example “take a shot” or “dance,” while the other tells you where to do it, and with whom. So, for example, the decision may be for you to “Get a pic on a table” or “Take a shot with the bartender.” Of course, you have to do it – there is no backing out. It is a fun game to play on birthday parties and nights put with friends, especially when you are feeling a little wild and willing to let the chance decide about your night.

Baking with My Homies Cookie Stamps

This set (or, as the packaging says, a “3pac”) contains three different cookie shaper stamps. The stamps represent three deceased hip-hop legends: 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Eazy E. The set makes a nice gift for your hip-hop loving friends who also like to dabble in the kitchen. The stamps are ideal for cookies and there is even a recipe for “Rapper’s Delight” cookies inside the packaging. For the skillful ones, we recommend adding some colorful frosting to complete the rapper’s looks. Those who don’t enjoy baking can use them on modeling clay or putty.

Bacon Bandages

Everyone needs bandages and pretty much everyone loves bacon. So what’s better than a set of bacon-themed bandages as a gift for your friends, coworkers and family members? It is a funny, budget-friendly gift that anyone can enjoy. The sterile, die-cut bandages measure approximately 3”x 1” and come in a handy and nice-looking tin container that you can keep after you have used up the bandages.  Each container contains fifteen mouth-watering bacon bandages. Just be careful, these bandages are so realistic, someone might want to try to bite them off your finger!

Animal Butt Magnets

These hilarious magnets by Kikkerland make a great gift. As the name suggests, they are shaped like Safari animal butts and they include lion, leopard, giraffe, elephant, tiger and hippo butts. When you put them on a fridge, they look as if the animal crashed through and got stuck with its head inside the fridge. The magnets are strong and measure approximately 1.5”x 1.5”x 0.75”. They can be used purely as decoration but, of course, they can also be used to actually hang something on the fridge – maybe a family picture from a trip to the zoo!

100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll

This hilarious toilet paper roll will give you a sneak peek to what it is like to be filthy rich. Each sheet of the roll looks exactly like a $100 bill, with Benjamin Franklin smiling approvingly as you reach for them to wipe yourself. A perfect gift for friends who always complain about never having any money or dream about becoming ridiculously rich one day. Let them start their journey to riches with this novelty toilet paper roll! It also makes a great housewarming gift or a little something to celebrate a new job or a paid back student loan.