White Elephant Gift Ideas For Girls

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Girls

Wondering what girly present you should bring to the upcoming gift exchange party? Step out of the box and be the star of the White Elephant game with these funny and creative gift ideas.

We all know that ridiculous gifts make everyone laugh, but no one actually wants to take them home. If you want to be the hit of the holiday party, step up your game and bring a unique present which is both useful and affordable.

If you really want to impress your lady friends, buy an original gift which will attract everyone’s attention at the party. Depending on your taste, you can choose from hilarious gag gifts to fabulous home novelties.

The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack is every girl’s dream come true. Not only will your cleavage look super sexy, but you will also be equipped with up to 25 oz. of your favorite drink. A long drinking tube with an easy-to-use valve controls the flow. Since you can re-inflate the wine rack by blowing air into the tube, you don’t have to worry that your boobs will look deflated when you finish your drink. Sizing: small fits bra sizes 32A-34B; medium – 34C-38C.


Technology has greatly facilitated our lives, but it has also endangered our privacy. Since numerous hackers lurk online, we need to learn to protect ourselves and our valuable information. Secure your private data and literally keep it at your fingertips at all times! This handy 4GB USB silicone Flashdrive comes in yellow, green or pink.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Every clique has that one girl who is likely to become a Crazy Cat Lady. Surprise a cat-obsessed friend with this 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) tall, hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action figure which comes with six cats. She may look ugly and bizarre, but the cat lady is an excellent conversation piece and she will put a smile on everyone’s face. Make sure to take the quiz on the packaging to determine whether you will end up surrounded by a bunch of cats.

Stiletto Speaker Shoes

Not all girls are obsessed with cats. Some are also crazy about shoes. If you know a gal who spends all her money on glamourous, fashionable shoes and enjoys listening to music, these classic black iPod Stiletto Speaker Shoes are the perfect gift for her. With a standard 3.5mm jack and USB connection, these fabulous music speakers can be used with CD players, MP3 players, computers and laptops.

Boyfriend Body Pillow

If you have trouble falling asleep, the Boyfriend Arm Pillow will definitely help you get a good night’s rest. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of sharing a bed with a partner, without experiencing the drawbacks, including fights for the covers, back pains and snoring.  Besides the fact that you’ll never feel alone during the night again, this hilarious pillow is an excellent present if you want to tease your single friends and have a good laugh.

High Heel Bottle Holder

Whether you’re the wild child among your friends or know a gal who’s always in the mood for a good time, this High Heel Bottle Holder will suit everyone’s taste. Simply, you cannot go wrong with a novelty like this. Not to mention that it’s a must at every classy party or household. Decorate your countertop and spice things up in the kitchen with this stylish wine bottle holder that will grab everybody’s attention.

Rainy Flower Pots

In addition to having a calming effect on adults and an educational value for kids, Rainy Flower Pots reduce stress for plants. When you pour water into the opening on top of the cloud form, ‘raindrops’ will fall through small holes onto the plant below, mimicking nature’s weather system and protecting your plants. Needless to say they will enhance your home. Size: 100×260 mm; Cloud Size: 9 x 5.3cm; Pot width: 7cm; Down width: 6cm; Height: 8.6cm.

Monkey Nail Dryer

Every girl knows how annoying it can be to wait for your nail polish to dry. If you want your life to be much, much simpler, all you need is a nail polish blow dryer and your nails will always look stunning. However, we’re not talking about any nail dryer. We’re talking about an adorable, monkey-shaped device that works on bananas. All you have to do is press on the plate of bananas and your assistant will blow the air.

Lipstick Flask

A gal never knows when she’ll need a drink. That’s why every responsible female should carry a flask in her purse at all times. Since women need classy flasks, a lipstick shaped one is a must for all our lady friends. This stylish flask can hold up to 4oz/125 ml of your favorite beverage and no one even has to know about your wild side. Dimension (mm): 44.2(w) x 135(h) x 44.2(l)/Dimension (in): 1.74(w) x 5.32(h) x 1.74(l).

World’s Easiest Diet Kit

Everyone knows that one girl who is always complaining how fat she is and how she needs to lose weight. Consequently, every time you see her, she’s on a fad new diet. If you want to buy her a perfect gag gift and get lots of laughs, you have found what you were looking for. The World’s Easiest Diet Kit comes in an awesome retro box and contains one spoon with a hole in the middle and one fork with shortened prongs. Talk about brilliance.

Vogue Shoe Bottle Stopper

Retailers have long figured out that women love shoes and everything related to fashion. Also, many gals like to enjoy an occasional glass of wine at a party or in the comfort of their own homes. Since you definitely know a woman who is a fashion diva and drinks wine, this chic bottle stopper is an amazing present. In addition to being a beautifully designed gift, the shoe bottle stopper is the perfect party accessory and kitchen decoration.

Wine Bottle Chain Holder

If you really want to impress a woman and buy her a gift that will definitely stand out, the Chain Bottle Holder will surely be the talk of any party. This amazing wine bottle holder uses the weight of the bottle to balance itself horizontally well above its resting surface. In a nutshell, the bottle will look as if it were floating in the air which is nothing short of awesome. The links are very strong and can support basically any bottle.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

As we all know, public toilets can be pretty nasty. In order to be prepared to deal with any situation, we strongly advise you to keep a Public Toilet Survival Kit with you at all times, especially when you travel. This awesome gag gift contains one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves which should make your visit to the public toilet a lot more sanitary and a bit more comfortable.

Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator

Mr. Sniffles may not be the best looking fella in the world, but he sure is useful. His name says it all: crack an egg into Mr. Sniffles’ head, gently tilt him forward and watch the egg whites ooze out of his nose. It looks gross, but you’ll laugh your head off. Besides, this strange egg separator really does the trick. When you’re done laughing, check the inside of his head for yolks. You can also use Mr. Sniffles for gravy and maple syrup.

Tiki Fondue Set

Great for both parties and romantic evenings, the Tiki Fondue Set is sized just right for two people. Whether you buy this spooky set for your significant other or for the host of a big party, Tiki will not disappoint. Made of ceramic, it comes with two fondue forks. You can use it for desserts, appetizers or servings along with main dishes. Since candles are not included, make sure to get as much of them as you need.

Floor Polishing Slippers

Who says that cleaning has to be boring and frustrating? All you have to do is slip on these Floor Polishing Slippers and watch them work their magic. Of course, you need to move around the house, but you have to admit that polishing floors has never been so easy. The entire family can use them on hardwood, linoleum or tile flooring.  Chenille soles provide an extra soft dusting material and are removable for cleaning in the washing machine.

Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass

This humorous wine glass is an ideal gift for your close friends or colleagues. Not the classiest in the world, the Don’t Even Ask wine glass is bound to put a smile on your face as you watch your nearest and dearest pour wine with humor. There are three lines of hand-etched text which suggest that the glass bearer had a good, bad or awful day. An excellent conversation starter, this wine glass will inevitably make your (don’t-even-ask) day.

Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater

Have you ever seen the face of Jesus Christ on cheese and nobody believed you? Now is your chance to shine! This device has the face of Jesus laser-etched onto it and features an amusing dedication to cheese on the packaging. Maybe Jesus did turn water into wine, but you can turn blocks of cheese into shredded cheese which is also pretty amazing. This novelty kitchen accessory and modern day miracle maker is an exceptional gag gift.

Skull Rolling Pin

Give your biscuits a terrific feel with this skull-adorned rolling pin which was specially designed for decorating cookies. Whether you want to spook or amuse your loved ones, this product is ideal for theme parties and lively gatherings. You will also receive several cookie cutters which will help you shape your scary treats before baking and a mouth-watering cookie recipe. The dimensions are: 42 cm in length (16.5″), 6 cm in diameter (2.36″).

Candy Bra

The cute candy necklace of your childhood recently got an erotic upgrade and became a super-sexy candy bra. This erotic bra comes with dozens of delicious candy sweets that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. It’s the ideal gift for your significant other, but it can also be a great way to surprise a friend. In addition to being a fun gag gift, the candy bra will definitely spice up someone’s love life. One size fits all.