White Elephant Gift Ideas For Guys

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Guys

To help you find the perfect White Elephant present for guys, we bring you 20 ridiculous, yet brilliant gadgets, novelties and gag gifts. Although they may not be the most useful of gifts, these silly presents will definitely be the ‘talk of the town’.

While you may not receive the gift of your dreams, you can make sure that everyone will be fighting over the present you brought to the gift exchange. Every single guy at the party will want to take your creative gift home.

Not only will all your friends want to steal these gifts, but they will also make everyone laugh out loud all night long.

Medieval Beer Horn

This all natural buffalo horn is hand carved to create this authentic drinking horn for you and the boys. They were traditionally used in many parts of the world, sometimes only ceremonial, but often as an everyday drinking horn. What is great about it is that it cannot be set down on a table until it is empty. So.. You get the point. You have to drink it all. Tip: Wipe it with vegetable oil occasionally; it will help increase the life of your horn.

Flask Tie

This should be illegal when you think about it. This clever Hidden Flask Neck Tie by Baxbo is not only stylish, but conceals a hidden drinking flask. Whenever you need a sip, have no fear because you can get your fix on the go in between meetings. The discrete flask holds up to 8oz and conveniently tucks in behind the tie. It works in two easy steps: fill it, and then smoothly bite the valve to enjoy a secret sip. The secrecy makes it so much fun.

Gun O’clock

Gun O’Clock is alarm clock and target range in one. You can wake up every morning to one of three great games. When the alarm goes off, the target pops up, and you have to shoot it to turn the clock off! It’s great for lazy people. Bring yourself to your senses when there’s no snooze option. The set features three game modes for when the alarm goes off: In Quick Shot mode you have to shoot five perfect shots within 3 minutes to stop the noise.

Xtreme Pocket Tool Kit

It puts 22 different tools in one. It’s great for your toolbox, glove compartment or emergency kit. It features 4mm Allen driver, 5mm Allen driver, 6mm Allen driver, 1/4 inch wrench, 7/16 inch wrench, no. 0 Phillips, no. 1 Phillips, no. 2 Phillips, no. 0 flat driver, no. 1 driver, no. 2 driver, pliers, wire cutter, wire crimper, hand drill, file, bottle opener, inches ruler, inches ruler extension, mm ruler, and mm ruler extension.

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Get your grill on. This unique camouflage grilling apron has everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun. It holds six beverage cans or bottles, comes with a built in can opener, and more pockets then a dude could ever need. Made from 100-percent cotton, one size fits all, fully adjustable length. It helps you to be successfully organized with just an apron.

The Gun Mug

It’s a bit silly, but it makes you feel dangerous. Boys must love the power. This gun shaped coffee mug will have you feeling like a real head hunter. It makes a great gift for the person in your life that needs extra excitement in the morning. Or it’s just great when you’re angry. Boys love guns and to manifest testosterone levels, so this is a great way to show them who’s the boss.

Mug Muscles Build

For true men, Mug Muscles combines the two most important aspects of a gentleman’s life: enjoying your beer and pumping those muscles. Shaped just like a traditional beer tankard, the handle acts as a super macho in-built exercise grip, meaning sipping your drink and giving your arm a good workout is possible at the same time. Also, when you’re pumping, they stay pumped up for at least five minutes.

Bearded Ski Mask

Beardski is great for your incognito winter. Sport this mask with comfortable lined neoprene, woven thermal fleece and stylish 12″ synthetic beard, riding your motorbike or ski boarding in the sun. This universal one-size-fits-all mask holds the mask in place and is easy to wear/remove. The advanced model of the mask design covers the ears, face and neck from the harshest of cold-weather conditions.


We know this the thing you’ve been waiting for. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel like a cheap stripper dude or a private fitness trainer? As ridiculous as this may sound, but there are many men with this thingy in their laundry. It’s adventurous and ridiculous at the same time. Some would even say it’s sexy in a funny way. It’s a great gift for an exhibitionist in your life, or for a shy guy who needs to man up.

Weener Kleener

This is a perfect way to clean your body but dirty up your mind. This is the most adventurous soap out there, and you’ll be using it more than you ever used any soap. It’s shaped like a donut and it creates a great feeling for boys. It’s very pleasant to use, if you know what we mean. Showering just got an exciting new dimension, with this fantastic and fun gag gift for guys.

Potty Putter

After a long day at the office and boring children, you just think about practicing your putt, but you won’t be able for some time in the future. But, you do need to go to the restroom. Kill two birds with one stone; practice motivation and be alone with yourself. For true hedonists and golf-lovers, this is an adult toy to have at home. Place it in front of you whenever you need a break from life, and perfect that putt.

Mustache Tape Dispenser

This Mustache Tape Dispenser will add class to your working desk or to your messy guy’s room. Show you have style and put it where it can be seen. If your friend has a moustache, it’s a great gift to support his passion. It’s made of ceramic, so you should be careful with it and care for it as though it were your real moustache. Also, tape is not included in the package, but it works with any standard tape roll.

Shot Glass Roulette

No matter who wins, everyone will get drunk while playing this drinking roulette game. Give it a spin and let the roulette wheel determine your drinking fate. It includes 16 shot glasses and a roulette wheel. It has a ‘must have’ feeling to it, so it’s an ideal present for big entourages. And while the primary focus is on the elements of form and design, it is still functional and engaging. For ages 21 and over. Please drink responsibly.

Potty Night Light

From the Manufacturer The Over the Hill Potty Night Light is a perfect gag gift. With each birthday, more potty trips are made in the night which is why you need this light. Night time is not the easiest time for keeping a clean toilet. Fortunately, with Over-The-Hill Potty Night Light your aim can improve significantly. This toilet night light features a glow-in-the-dark light switch and includes double stick tape to attach it to the bottom of any potty lid. Batteries included. It’s not only fun, but it’s useful, too.

Credit Card Holder With Tools

The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC1SB Credit Card Companion is a credit card-sized gadget that comes with nine essential tools that can easily be taken on the go. It sports a serrated 5Cr steel blade with satin finish, a combination can and bottle opener, awl, 8x power lens, compass, tweezers, toothpick and ruler. The blade, tweezers, toothpick and combination opener can all be removed completely from the holder for easy use.

Captain America Cufflinks

Want to feel like Captain America? Then these cufflinks will suit you perfectly. They are made of strong metal material, and may be a very fashionable and unique accessory to your shirt. With only this one detail, you can turn any shirt from plain to adventurous and fun. It has American Captain Red and Blue shield pattern. Get your super-soldier serum and see what happens.

Bullet Ice Cube Mold Tray

Vodka on the rocks is so last season. Try bourbon on bullets. It’s fresh, it’s classy, it’s dangerous and for real men only. It is a really cool novelty item, and for a great price. Always think about buying something that’s useful. This mold is great for wolf-packing with your boys while you play games or watch the game, especially when there are no ladies. Feel like a real mobster.

Bald Man’s Comb

This ridiculous item may be a little offensive, but it’s still a great gift for someone who is losing hair. If you have a friend who’s this unfortunate, try this comb for the few hairs he has left on the sides. That friend should have great sense of humor, as this really can be embarrassing for some. However, it is a great gag gift for any occasion. It will make you laugh, for sure.

Beer Mitt

We hate warm beer, but sometimes it’s too cold. Here’s the solution: Drink your cold as ice beer during the winter, outside, while hanging out with the boys, or while cheering at an outdoor game. This is a real game changer for beer-lovers, and a highly useful and practical thing to have. Keep your hand warm and your beer cold with holder that looks like a mitten. It holds a 12 ounce can.